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If you want to get better at anything in life, the most important thing to do is practice.
And it’s ten times more effective when, during that practice, you are being guided by an experienced professional.
The time needed for you to get better will be shortened significantly when you have someone like that by your side.

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Why do I need Apex Legends Coaching?

It's simple! Everyone can improve, therefore everyone needs to improve. You should never want to stop to get better, to be great. And everyone can be great, of course, some greater than others, but you should always want to feel the need to reach your full potential, and we can and will help you do that. We will help you achieve the best possible version of yourself, and we will do this in very simple, comprehensive steps, which you will easily understand and really enjoy.

How many hours of coaching do I need?

This all depends on you. It depends if you're entry level. That means you've just started playing the game, or maybe you've been playing for a bit and really enjoying the game and want to be better at it. Maybe you have been playing for a long time and just want to polish on some things. You could be in any of these categories and all these, let's call them levels, will differ from each other in the time it takes to really improve. So there isn't exactly a set time we can recommend, it all comes down to the person and how they want to go about it.

Do all coaches have the same plan?

No, each coach has his specific way of doing things. As with teachers in school or professors in university or with everything in general. Everyone has their own method. Though it must be said all these methods or coaching plans are vetted by us before we hire a coach. So all of them are effective in their own way. You might be wondering if some way might not work for you, like you didn't like a teacher in high school. That's all perfectly normal. You will be able to request another coach and they will be assigned to you with no problem. This is all about you learning but also enjoying and having a good time, so you have the right to do it your way!

Well, it’s in the name. All players usually want to get better at the game, and some go out of their way to find people to teach them how to do it. Those people are coaches.
These coaches are really good at the game. Therefore, they can share their knowledge with you and help you to get better. This process is called Apex coaching.

Of course. This is what apex coaching is all about. All the coaches we employ are excellent at most legends, but as with anyone, some are better at their specific legend. You will be paired with the most compatible person.

You will decide the schedule. Whenever it’s more comfortable for you, the coach will be able and ready!

This depends on what package you pick. There are several that we offer.

Most likely you will be able to, since we employ people from different places around the world, but if you are reading this it means you speak English so there shouldn’t be any problems.


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"Enjoyed every second of my apex coaching, the coach gave me smart tips on game play"
3 Hours Coaching
"Informative & professional, which is all you want from a apex coaching service"
1 Hour Coaching
"5 star service, would recommend to everyone interested in improving at the game"
6 Hours Coaching
"Learned a lot with Pekman, followed his advice and managed to climb two tiers "
2 Hours Coaching

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