Our clients expect the best from us and that’s what we expect from you, professionalism, work ethic and experience.

Job Application Form
  • Master and above
  • No flaming either in solo or duo
  • Experienced in several legends
  • Calm and friendly towards clients
  • Available for at least 6-8h a day
  • Master and above
  • Previous experience
  • Present coaching plan
  • Able to communicate clearly
  • Treat all students with respect

 What the percentage you get will depend all on effectiveness.

Trial Period
50 Completed Orders
90 Completed Orders
130 Completed Orders

If you want to join a great community and make money at the same time, then please apply. Make sure to read
the requirements and meet them. Non-serious and spam applications will go in the bin. It does not take us
long between getting the application, reviewing it and contacting you.