Apex Legends boosting refers to a service where experienced players, known as boosters, play on behalf of someone else to improve their in-game performance and progress in the game.


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How to purchase Apex Legends Boosting

Select Service

Select your boost whether it be division boosting or win boosting then complete your details.

Fill in your Details and Purchase

After you've chosen the service you want. Fill in the required details. What is required depends on the service, and the options you've selected. After that, click Buy and complete the purchase.

Track your Order Progress

Once you've completed the second step, only 1 more thing is needed, but not required. That is, logging into our Dashboard, where you will be able to speak with your booster and be updated in real time.

2 Min
Starting time
Orders Completed
Predator Boosters
Live Chat Support
  • Very High Win Ratio

    Being a serious service, we employ only the best players. All boosters on our roster have a very high win rate on all ranks.

  • Pick your Legend

    Yes, you can choose a specific legend, our boosters are experienced in all aspects and legends of the game.

  • Stream your Boost

    If you've chosen solo boosting, but you still don't want to miss out on the experience by watching the booster play. We have created the stream your boost option just for you!

  • Order Priority x2 Speed

    An option for the those who are in a hurry or don't wait at all. Your order will be prioritized both in start and finish time.

  • Chat with your Booster

    Every client has 24/7 access to their booster and support. You will be able to voice any concerns to them at any time.

  • Track your Order

    This is made available by our awesome platform that all clients get access. There you will see and be able to follow the progress of your order until completion.

Frequently asked questions about Apex Legends Boost

This depends on your specific and current situation. If you are close to ranking up and you think it’s 1-2 wins away, it’s probably smarter to just buy 2 wins. But if you just got a new rank and are looking to get the next, or even 2-3 ranks above, then obviously rank boosting would be recommended.

There are two questions to this answer. First one is, if you are asking how long does it take to start the boost, then the answer is 2-5m after purchase and no longer. Second one, how long will the boost itself take, in this case, it depends on what your order is, and the bigger it is the longer it will take, time for completion can range from a few hours for a small boost, to a few days for a big boost.

Yes, one can request to change your current booster. This can be done at any time during the boost. No reason needed.

There are several different types of services besides rank boosting in apex, and those are: wins, placement matches, kills, badges, unlock legends, leveling. They range in prices based on difficulty, but they are all affordable.

Placement matches are often frustrating and full of bad luck. To make it easier and guarantee yourself a higher rank, you should get a boosting site to do them for you. Actually a service that should be “required”, just because you’d be getting a higher rank off the get-go. The overall win rate of our boosters is very high, so it’s always better to get a booster to do your placements.